Badhani Taal lake: hidden jems in Rudraprayag

Badhani taal

Nature has made Uttarakhand so beautiful that it is impossible to meet such an example in any other place, Uttarakhand has its own unique features everywhere and different beliefs related to religion. One of the places in the land of the God (Dev Bhoomi) is the connivance that holds bio-diversity along with religious beliefs. The congestion is located in the Bangar belt of Jakholi block of Rudraprayag district and the name of this palace is named after the name of the village of Badhani. The connotation station is situated at an elevation of 2100 meters above sea level and the religious belief is that here Lord is the place of Trigunyarayan. It is located around 4 Km from dharkudi village of block Jakholi. It is situated at an elevation of  7000 feet from sea is famous for it colour full fish spices. spread at area of 500 sq mt. Each year Baishakhi fair organised  here by locals.Badhanitaal

Trijuginarayan is made up of three words tri-ii three Jugi-yuni and narayana meaning Lord Vishnu. It is a religious belief that the marriage of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati was held in Rudraprayag at the place Trijuginarayan. In this marriage, Lord Vishnu had given his special contribution to the responsibility of his brother, and after constructing a trunk from his navel, he had created a trunk and which has become a rhythm today, it is now known as the congestion hall. The picturesque hills, green velvety bujiyal, the colorful wild species of birds, and birds of birds around this region are very well-liked by tourists and tourists.
The characteristic of this rhythm is that it contributes significantly to water conservation, and in this rhythm there are many types of fish found in the Himalayas, which are found in different colors. Nothing catches these fish nor any other kind of harm is reached. In our country there are many places in the name of Oran where trees are preserved and if this rhythm is called an ocean of animal kingdom then it will not be wrong as the fish found in the Himalayas are preserved here. Lord Trijuginarayan is the guardian of this rhythm. Hence, catching fish here is deprived and here the service of fishes is considered to be the service of Lord Trijuginarayan, to harm them means to harm the god.Badhanitaal

Till now, the depletion point of tourism is gradually getting involved in the people’s favorite places. Due to high altitude, there is heavy snowfall in the congestion system, and  the locals also enjoy the snowflake with the tourists as well as the tourists. Gaudhalani is known for its beautiful natural lake and colorful fish found in the lake, but due to lack of publicity, the area of tourism is invisible, but due to natural beauty, it is now a safe tourist spot due to the tourists The movement of is continuously increasing.

If you are walking from Delhi or Dehradun, you will have to reach Rudraprayag by going to Rishikesh and then reach the main place of Kedarnath Marg, Tilwara. You can decide the journey through Tilwada to the main road of Jakholi Block, through the busy road, through your vehicle. The distance of the congestion from Rishikesh is around 200 kms.

Thus, in the middle of the hills in the lap of Himalayas, it is becoming a center of attraction for the tourists.


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