Best Cafe in Rishikesh to visit


As the hymns are to the heart, the food is to the stomach. Rishikesh is world renowned for spirituality and adventure sports, but just like all the places in the world the essence of the town is the food. People visit the holy city of Rishikesh to sate their spiritual needs; but as quoted by Woodrow Wilson, “No one can worship God on an empty stomach.” so without venturing into the food joints of the town, the visit to Rishikesh is incomplete.
With the various assortment of ashrams, temples, yoga & meditation, Rishikesh attracts various kinds of people from all over the world. And just like the number of people visiting the city is increasing so is the number of cafes with their various cuisines and specialties. As per the need of the individual Rishikesh has lot to cater as per their taste.

There are numerous cafes which you can visit during your stay, but even numerous visit to the city might not been enough for you to taste all the delicacies present all over the city. So from the entire visits that I have ventured in to the world of food, a small list is compiled hereby to help out any traveler visiting the town. Since being the hold city almost all the cafes serve only vegetarian food and just few which are not in the vicinity of the river serve the non-vegetarian options.

1 The 60’s Café

With the mesmerizing view of the Ram Jhula and the river Ganges, the café is dedicated to the famous English rock band, the Beatles. With the walls adorned with the pictures of the band members and the vinyl record, the place has the spell binding aura of the old world.

2 Divine Café & Bakery

For people with sweet tooth and the sugar rush pick this. A well lit place and with rooftop open table the place offers various assortment of desserts and quick bites.

3 Bistro Nirvana

Tranquility and peace is the best way to describe the city of Rishikesh and the best place to experience it first hand is Bistro Nirvana. Located in the cozy and serene surrounding with the interior of the bamboo, it serves a really warm and comforting ambience.

4 Café De Goa

Located almost on the bank of the river Ganges, one of the best place to enjoy your evening in the city is Café De Goa. It provides the alluring view of the Laxman Jhula over the river Ganges. With the pleasant breeze and a warm coffee spending the evening brings tranquility to the mind

5 Tattva Café:

Located just next to the bustling national Badrinath highway, the place is famous for organic and unique food menu. With the best digestive drink that can be found anywhere in the city to the most amazing sweet rush, the café is famous among all the international travelers.

6 Pure Soul & Organic Café

One of the best café in town for organic food with vegan and gluten-free options. It offers various European cuisines with perfect surrounding to enjoy your meal. And with the setting sun the natural light provides really nice back drop for the pictures.

7 The Pyramid Café

Enjoy home cooked Indian food while sitting under the pyramid shaped roof in the Pyramid café. Run by a family, the café is very friendly and also rent out pyramid tents with double beds.

8 Freedom Café

With the true alluring view of the river escalating one’s soul the café is bustling with traveler even in off season of monsoon. With such an alluring view the soft music in the background renders the perfect evening setup to relax and rejuvenate.

9 Little Buddha Café

The café is one of the well known and buzzing one in the town. With the pristine view of the river and a cup of coffee to sip with, the café is set up to looking over the river with the vibrant orange clad evening while the sun is setting.

10 German Bakery

For people looking to experience the food fusion and to sate the taste bud, this is the place to be. It serves various interesting dish like pancakes or yak cheese sandwich. Situated next to Laxman Jhula, the café is perfect with the open air seating and view of the Ganga with Laxman Jhula.

11 Honey Hut Café

A nice ambience with great dose of coffee and the unique flavor for sweet tooth is what makes the café worth visiting. Located in the centre of the Laxman Jhula town it is one the most easily accessible café. The menu is crafted to cater according to the various taste buds.

12 Manmauji Café

The only café in the list with the number of events like movie night and live music sessions the café boasts of the home made food that you can enjoy while sipping tea or coffee. The café provides the colorful ambience of Rajasthan. The artwork takes you on short trip to the desert city.



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