Brahma Kamal-The Legendary Mythological Plant of India


Bramhakamal is commonly known as Saussurea obvallata.
“Some Places of the world we live in are still Unexplored, Some paths less travelled and some tales untold”
Brahma Kamal, The elixir of which is dripping from the scales! The middle of the night blossoms is hidden in this only flower, many secrets of life.
The Himalayas are really amazing and in the days of the coming, new wonders are as miraculous as the various medicinal plants that swarm in their subjects! In the category of these medicinal plants, the matter of Brahma Kamal that flourishes at the height of 3000 to 5000 meters of the Himalayas is unique. It is said that the blooming and seeing of Brahma lotus in any house is both auspicious. It is a beautifully floral star, shaped like a scent of scent. Brahma Kamal has also been called the emperor of Himalayan flowers. This lotus blooms after midnight, so it is a dream to see it blooming.


If anybody has seen this flower blossoming in the middle of the night, all his desires are considered to be complete. The most beloved of Mother Nanda, this flower is brought in abundance in many religious rituals. Brahma Kamal is also full of medicinal properties. It is used as a drug for cancer treatment. Drink water that drains off fatigue, and also cures chronic cough. The characteristic of this flower is that when it blooms then it emerges as a figure of Brahma Dev and Trident. Brahma Lotus should neither be bought nor sold. This flower is considered to be the beloved flower of the gods and there is also magical effect. This rare flower is not easily achieved. This flower blossoming in the Himalayas is like the blessings of the Gods.
Mystic flower:
According to Hindu Mythology bramhakamal have some mystical and divine power. The flowers are offered to lord Vishnu


It blooms only once a year between July-September and remains the same night. Brahma lotus looks mainly in appearance, but the crab is in the night, from 9:50 to 10:45, when the flowers are blooming, then in the Shravan moss to see them, the moon spreads its shade in beautiful bouquets. It is also believed by many scholars that in the Dronagiri, Hanuman had uproot the Dronagiri mountain at the exact same time when these flowers were swell and the sharpness that came out of them confused them. The water that is dripping from its phases as it spreads in the exact same time is considered as nectar which is very useful. It is said that the person who sees them blooming is very fortunate and happiness prosperity kicks his steps! This is the first such lonely flower of Kamal’s species that blooms barely one hour and afterwards it goes back to its former condition and dies in the morning itself. This Bhagyodaya is a symbol of sacredness and auspiciousness, whose sweetness and color are wonderful. When it has to be chosen for worship then many disciplines are included as if the person who chooses it has to take care of the very sacredness physically. It is necessary to go for retirement from somewhere, etc. Even then, to keep the basket of selected flowers on the ground, it is necessary to see the correctness. They are raised after rehabilitation after resting. Along the way, the entire path has to travel barefoot.
Bramha kamal, Flower pooja:

Brahma Kamal, elected to Godpooja in the village of Purna of Bhumandhar valley, reaches to the temple with these same restrictions. The people here believe that the way the snow-covered Himalayan region is considered to be the abode of Gods, in the same way, this flower, which blossomed in the snowy area, has also been considered as Devopushapa. On the day of Nanda Ashtami, these flowers are distributed in the form of Prasad. When it blossoms on the heights in monsoon season lot of lotus feet of Brahma Kamal, that is Brahma, this flower is Nanda’s favorite flower, so it is broken in the time of Nandashtami and there are strict rules for breaking it. It is said that flowers generally do not bloom after sunset, but Brahma Kamal is such a flower which has to wait for the sun to rise in order to blossom. Brahmakamal is known by different names in different places such as Brahmakamal in Uttarakhand, dandruff in Himachal, Gagal in Kashmir and it is known in the north-western India by the names of Burigadtoges. This flower blooms in August. Generally flowers are offered to God! But Brahmakamal is such a flower which is worshiped. Brahma Lotus is a rare flower of high altitude areas, which is found only in the Himalayas, North Burma and Southwest China. According to religious and ancient belief, Brahma Kamal is named after the god Brahma of Utpati. Brahmakalam blossoms not on water but on the earth in contrast to other species of lotus. In general, Brahmakalam is found in the hills of the Himalayas, or in height of 3000-5000 meters. Being influenced by its beauty and divine properties, Brahmakamal has also been declared a state flower of Uttarakhand. At present, about 60 species have been identified in India, out of which more than 50 species are found in areas of high altitude Himalaya. In Uttarakhand it is especially found from Pindari to Chifala, Roopkund, Hemkund, Brajunganga, Flower Valley, Kedarnath. It is believed that the flower of Brahmakamal flower comes only once in a year which only blows in the night. Brahma Kamal is considered auspicious due to this quality of rarity. The heady aroma of this flower is also mentioned in the Mahabharata, which has made Draupadi disturbed to get it and it starts producing fruits in September-October.

For the Brahmakamal, the entire Himalayan part is considered to be wonderful, but Brahmakamal medicinal plants which flourish in the places of Dronagiri Roopkund, Hemkund, Flower Valley, Kedarnath, Hare Doon, Devakar, Bhadsar Tal, Cypress Pool etc. In which there are many priceless medicines showing signs of life. Even though we believe in exploiting their exploitation in the present, they are worshiped for centuries and they have been broken for centuries. The people of Himalayan lands have a belief that the flower which blows only once in a year, the year in which the highest breaking is broken, the more Brahma lotus blossoms forth in the valley, and where they are not exploited, There has been constant decrease in yield and flaws. Now we will have to think about how we see the exploitation of this flower, because for centuries this temple used in religious beliefs, if we ban the sheep goats in the Himalayan Bugyas, then decide that this species will be the same fate. The continuous decrease in the rate of innumerable flowers which blossomed in the valley of flowers is showing constant decrease. The people of this valley believe that since the shaving of sheep goats in the valley of flowers has ceased, there has been a continuous decrease in the flowers blooming in this valley.
Medicinal Use of Bramhakamal:
Bramhakaml contain lot of medicinal value in prospective of traditional and Ayurvedic medicines.
• The flowers, leaves and rhizomes are used for the treatment of bone ache, cough and cold, intestinal ailments and urinary tracts problems.
• The rhizomes of bramhakaml are used in antiseptic and healing cuts and bruises.
• Stem of Bramhakaml is also used medically to cure dropsy and cardiac affections.
• The plant also contains anti-viral properties.


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