Chirbbatiya-a heaven for bird watching

The chirping of the birds and the mesmerizing view of the Himalayas; is a treat not just to the eyes but to the soul too. To celebrate the essence of nature, for the first time in the district of Rudraprayag, as an initiative to promote tourism and boost the importance of the flora and fauna of the region; the Forest Department organized a two-day Winter Bird festival in Chirbbatiya. More than hundred of bird lovers and experts from all over the country participated in this event.

Organized at an altitude of 7300 feet above sea level, the program was inaugurated by the District Magistrate Mangesh Ghildiyal. According to the collectors travel through all over the country, Chirbbatiya is not of Rudraprayag but also one of the most beautiful sites in the country, where hundreds of rare species of animals and birds are found. He appreciated this initiative of the Forest Department. District Divisional Forest Officer Vaibhav Kumar said that such events have helped in estimating the exact number of new species of birds and foreign migratory birds so that necessary steps can be taken for their conservation. Chirbbatiya is an ideal place for bird watching.

The valley is famous for the view of the Garhwal Himalayas and the pleasant weather that makes the location a perfect holiday destination for travelers and heaven for bird watchers. Rudraprayag has been famous as a hot spot for various flora and fauna; with reference in books of Jim Corbett the famous hunter who was known to have got the region rid of the man-eating tiger of the region. The weather of the region makes it one of the best travel routes for migrating birds from all over the world.

Retired Professor of Prayagraj University, Dr. Raghu Sinha said that bird watching is becoming a major medium of tourism and employment. Hence the initiative of the Forest Department would prove to establish a foundation for the tourism development in the region. Government and local people should pursue this environmental protection. While folk poets Murali Dewan, Jagdamba Chamola, Om Prakash Semwal gave the message of saving the environment by reciting poetry, teachers of the local school and colleges- Deepak Bhatt, Rajmohan Gunsai, Kailash Maithani, and Rajendra Goswami made people aware of birds through a puppet show. Rajiv Bisht, a bird watcher who arrived from Kotdwar at the festival, organized a photo exhibition of various birds throughout the country.
The event has proved to be a step taken towards the conservation of the flora and fauna of the region; while promoting tourism and bringing forward the natural beauty of the region at the national level.

We support this initiative and hope that Chirbbatiya can gain the popularity and recognition that it deserves as a gem of the Rudraprayag region.



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