Kedarnath peak where PM Modi spent his time


People have been viewing the photo of PM Narendra Modi meditating inside a cave which has been floating around the Internet with the importance of yoga and meditation. All the internet users have atleast got a glance of the fore mentioned photo, and only the most oblivious one would be impervious of the same.

This is not to make a derogatory remark but rather to accentuate the anonymous and mystical Kedarnath Cave because guess what? It is up for grabs.
Chardham Yatra has begun this year but the most hyped and famous is the post of our Prime Minister meditating in the caves near the shrine of Kedarnath.
As of now two caves have been identified and restored near the Kedarnath shrine and few more are underway. This all is in efforts to promote the cave-life among the pilgrims by the Prime Minister. While one has been named as Rudra, the latest discovery where our PM meditated is yet to be named. 

Now you too can claim a stay at one of these modern caves during the Kedarnath visit for a unrestrained cave experience.

Now on a Char Dham yatra, the pilgrims can experience the essence of the pilgrimage that was experienced by our forefathers and ancestors, but this time, you wont have to live under such severe conditions as you will have a bed, butler, phone, and wi-fi inside the cave to make your stay comfortable and connected to civilisation. And not to forget the dreamlike views of the valleys and mountains. 
With such a grand and astounding scenery meditation becomes completely effortless. And all this in just INR 990.

Earlier, the price of Kedarnath cave experience was INR 3000 but GMVN reduced the price to INR 990 after realizing it was too high, since the cave would be pretty choked with 2 people and the impact of meditation would be lost. Hence the price has been reduced for single occupancy.
You can book your stay online at Kedarnath Cave through the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) website.

Staying in one of the caves might not be the most comfortable experience but maybe meditating under such a obstacle might help you attain Nirvana. Or to just stay in such cave would lure you towards the experience of the lifetime.


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