One Chamba in Uttarakhand


Usually, when one hears the name of Chamba, the picture of Himachal Pradesh emerges in the minds of people, but the unawareness of the geography leads to people missing the untouched beauty of the Chamba which lies in the Uttarakhand. The only difference among the two is that Chamba of Himachal Pradesh has made its place on the tourism map, while Chamba which is a small but picturesque tourist destination and situated between the roads of Mussoorie, Rishikesh, New Tehri, Dharasu and Uttarkashi is still not exploited and retains it natural offbeat beauty. Tourists and pilgrims visiting Gangotri get the chance to visit Chamba.

PC Amitesh Gupta, Chamba

Amidst the dense forest of the deodar and the rhododendron with the abundance of local and migratory birds, Chamba is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers. The peaks of Bandar punch and Bhagirathi provides and scintillating view of the Himalayas. Wild roses, aquatic plants and seasonal fruits are major attractions and found in abundance in summers. Chamba is also famous for seasonal fruits as it is famous as the fruit belt area. This area is also an ideal place for wildlife lovers. Apart from the langur, wild cat, fox and rabbits, black bears are also seen in the areas in and around Chamba. Also, the added attraction of the Tehri Lake also gives rise to the number of tourist attractions, as the lake is situated quite close to Chamba. 
For the bird-watching enthusiasts, Chamba is second to none as the region provides the opportunity for the watchers to catch a glimpse of the various exotic birds closely with the naked eye. The locality is home to various endemic and migratory species like Black Bulbul, Asian Barred Owl, laughing thrush, drongo, bushchat, treecreeper etc.

if you want to know more about Chamba:
Despite its proximity to hill stations like Mussoorie and Tehri, this small quiet town still retains its rural surroundings, which s a boon for the people visiting the place. As when the tourists reach here, they are greeted by the peace and tranquillity and they can break free from the clamour of the city. With the captivating view of the sunset, Chamba is a beautiful place and worth a visit.
The Bageshwar temple where Lord Shiva is worshipped is also a centre of attraction. The linga installed in this temple is considered to be mythical and self-manifested. There are many other places to see in and around Chamba – the ancient Surkanda Devi temple can be reached in an hour from here, and then a beautiful master plan city New Tehri is just 10 kilometres from where the Tehri dam can be seen. Among dense cedar trees, Dhanaulti is also worth a visit. The beauty and charm of Dhanaulti captivate the tourists. Also nearby Ranichauri, the campus of Pantnagar Agricultural University is a centre of attraction for the people.
The botanical garden created by the agricultural scientists provides attractive floral view to the tourist, and also the Angora wool centre HIFEED headed by its executive director, Mr Kamal Bahuguna is famous far and wide for high-quality Angora rabbit wool. The beautiful weather and the scenic surroundings are enough to make it an attractive tourist destination.
Chamba is one of those appealing places to spend a holiday where you can get amazing peace. Deodar, cedar and the luscious rhododendron and the gentle breeze flowing through these dense forests provide an enchanting view and mesmerizing feel to the environment


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