Bienvenue 2019 – The only year with an essence of ‘teen’


Swoosh! Didn’t this year just breeze past? As if it all happened just yesterday. The year 2018 is now gone and will be marked as history and we are all geared up to turn over a new leaf and envision our newer selves in the whimsical year 2019.

2018 was a power packed year, which included an emotional roller-coaster ride with a few bumps and bruises on the way. From a year full of celebrities getting hitched in Italy’s Lake Como to the #MeToo movement that sparked up protests in the nation, this year is going to be etched in our minds for years to come. It was all abuzz with affairs which included DeepVeer’s big day, homosexuality being legalized which drew nationwide support and not to mention the nuptials of NickyYanka that grabbed headlines round the year. In the political realm, the skyscraping statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel that created a maelstrom of reactions by the mass  and Rahul Gandhi ‘s probable comeback to power in 2019 elections that made the twitter following of RaGa to catapult.

Keeping everything aside, lets be sanguine about the prosperous year that lays ahead us. This is the best time to pause and ruminate about our deeds, mend our ways and to put our best foot forward in the year to come. To all the 2000 born peeps including me – this year unfolds your journey into fully fledged adults ready to taste the spice of life! Gulp down a little more food, loaf around your couch and devour oodles of those moreish chocolates and let your dainty tongue crave for some more.

But sometimes I feel it’s a cliché to simply sit back and wait for things to happen in the New Year’s Eve. Why not be dauntless and take risks in life instead of going with the flow. And do not forget to not to take any resolution in 2019! Just act out your heart. Embrace this year with open arms and be forever ready to branch out . Yeah. That’s it.

Happy New Year to all !
Pragya Pokhriyal


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