Tarun Pokhriyal :It’s Time To Play The Music for Pahad

Tarun Pokhriyal

A voice that has such magic that you just keep listening to, the obsession for music in them is worthy of praise, the ability to think separately, the ability to think that they are inside them leads to success, and the name is  Tarun Pokriyal . A music studio set up in the sprawling hills of the mountain, which has been built with such thinking that in the mountains, everything that is available in the cities can be available. The way the lamp keeps on giving light even when it is dark, the same ray of hope has also been brought to the “ Tarun Music Creative Music Studio”. Today the migration from the hills continues. People are living in cities looking for jobs, They are coming towards their village and with their experience, they are making an initiative to stop migrating in the village by using something new. From youngsters in Jaipur ,after being in the post of Professor for some time in a college, he have become an example of reverse migration.

Tarun Pokhriyal

 In the city itself, he have already set up a musical studio with the help of a medical store. The music studio is a completely new concept, which may be in the mountains The first music studio will be produced and not an ordinary studio but like a studio set up in Delhi and Dehradun. There is no shortage but they do not get a chance to climb, and the reason is that the resources are not available. This studio hopes that many new singers and artists are coming in between you in the coming time. That’s where the music studio Managing Director Tarun Pokariyal has already influenced all of you. Those states, including Uttarakhand, many states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and many states Have given their presentation in the entertainment festival in Hammond as well as giving social messages like disinfection, women empowerment etc.

If you are interested in the field of music, then definitely go to Tarun Music Creation and promote your own talent. Let’s get a beautiful studio located in the “Rikhani-Bicharkal road”in a quiet environment between the natural beauty of the distant mountains, waiting for you. Is obtained.

Tarun Pokhriyal

Visit the official YouTube channel to see the compositions of Tarun Music Creation
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For recording of all types of songs and live stage program contact on phone 7830010333The idea of ​​building a studio was to think that when we have to stay in the village, some facilities should be given to the talent of the mountain, where the young people go to the city to fulfill their dreams of music and if they get all the same in the mountain, then the youth Can save both time and money and can be an initiative to stop migrations.
This is the purpose of opening music studios in the mountain.

Tarun musician


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