Ganga Kayak Festival- A day on the river restores the soul

Kayaking in Ganges
Kayaking in Ganges

Ganga Kayak Festival 2019

On the off chance that you are tied in with testing the breaking points of the rapids, this celebration is for you! The seventh Edition of the Ganga Kayak Festival is being organised by the Adventure Sports Society in relationship with Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board in Devprayag at the conversion of the two waterways, Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. This fantastic celebration will be held from seventeenth to nineteenth February, 2019. The celebration will observer a gigantic group including universal competitors who can partake different classes. Get, set, ROW!

Ganga Kayak Festival-Illuminylife
Ganga Kayak Festival

The Ganga Kayak Festival (GKF) is a yearly kayaking celebration in North India in the river Ganges in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. GKF is the mind offspring of a much voyaged and experience devotee, paddler Bhupendra Singh Rana (Bhupi), who paddles the two kayaks and pontoons. The celebration was made by an exceptionally committed group of expert kayakers and Whitewater pontoon guides from Rishikesh. In the wake of imagining for quite a long time GKF at long last go to a reality in Jan 2013 with the assistance of a group of enthusiastic swashbucklers: Bhupi Rana, Bheem Chauhan, Vipin Sharma, Gappu Rawat, Vikash Bhandari, Bhuwan Bisht, Trina Paturas and incalculable volunteers, patrons and supporters.
GKF has rapidly turned into the biggest kayaking celebration in the nation, developing to a multi day occasion in under 3 years. Many best organizations have marked on as supporters during the current year’s occasion, the biggest yet by a wide margin, including NRS, Sea Specs, and American Whitewater Expeditions. DBP MAGAZINE ONLINE is additionally stirred to declare that we have been named an official news source for the occasion. Organiszation  “The Adventure Sports Society”

Area: Devprayag (River Ganga/Bhagirathi/Alaknanda), Uttarakhand, India

The Kayaks-illuminylife
The Kayaks

Pre-race enlistment: Rs. 1500/man (Pro people occasion – charges incorporate – down waterway run, boater X, goliath slalom, mass boater X, GKF Event T-shirt, Dinner on the nineteenth).
Enlistment time: 9 am – 6 pm (Feb sixteenth, 2019) at GKF/WWE Office at Tapovan
At the occasion site enlistment charges: Rs. 2000/man
Time: 9:00 – 11:00 am. Feb seventeenth, 2019 (spare yourself time and cash and enlist ahead of time!).
Opening service: Feb seventeenth TBD
Prize Ceremony: Feb nineteenth at TBD

Whitewater Kayaking Events

Star class: Men and ladies (require least 5 ladies so as to run this classification!

  • Giant Slalom
  • DownRiver Race (dash)
  • Boater Cross
  • Mass boater Cross (open to all)


Kayker During the cross
Kaykar During the cross

Feb seventeenth – Down River Sprint (Pro’s): Starts from over the conversion quick on Bhagiarathi waterway and dash right down to the end goal (300+ meter long race course). Every competitor finishes 2 laps and best time checks.
Feb 18 – Giant Slalom (Pro’s): Starts from over the conjunction quick on Bhagirathi waterway. There will be a few downstream and upstream doors on the two sides of the waterway. To complete the race, the competitor must touch the completion pennant on the end goal. Every competitor gets just 1 lap so make it your best time.
Feb 18 – Boater cross (Pro’s): The best 32 competitors from the Sprint and Giant slalom occasions (consolidated outcomes) will meet all requirements for the expert’s Boater Cross. There will be warms of 4 kayakers. The racer will pursue to the touch me pennant with hand on the waterway right. To complete the race, the competitor must touch the completion standard on the end goal. The best 2 from each warmth will move onto the following round, etc. The main 4 competitors will fit the bill for the Super Final round and fight for the Boater Cross title.
Feb 18 – Best Indian paddler of the year grant (Male and female): This honor will go to the best by and large Indian entertainer altogether (downriver, monster slalom and boater X) occasions.
Feb 19– Mass boater cross (for all): Athletes will begin from over the juncture quick on Bhagirathi waterway. It will be a Le-keeps an eye on style begin. There will be some unexpected impediments which will be uncovered upon the arrival of the occasion.

Tenets for Pro’s classification: Men and Women

  1. Least age of 18 years of age
  2. Competitor must be a strong class 4/4+ kayaker and an equipped white water swimmer.
  3. Kayak ought not be multiple meters long!
  4. 90 seconds punishment for missing doors/deterrents (on Slalom).
  5. 5 Seconds punishment for contacting doors (on Slalom).


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